Senior Backend Developer Mobility Payments (C#, PHP)


We are looking for talented backend engineers to bring this mobility payment platform to the next level, both in terms of functionality (yes, we want to support all mobility modes & payment means!) as in terms of scalability (yes, we want to conquer the world with our technology!).

We expect you to think with us, suggest solutions and stay on top of your knowledge of current and evolving technologies.

As a backend developer at Be-Mobile you will be working on our mobility payment platform and applications. Your main responsibilities include:

  • Technical analysis of the components that need to be implemented, determining their scope and technical designs
  • Develop, implement, unit-test and maintain new software code
  • Work closely with the Project / Product Managers to provide delivery according to schedule
  • Collaborate with team members during the design and implementation phase
  • Senior: provide coaching to the more junior analyst-programmers of the team
  • Maintain an up to date knowledge of current and evolving technologies.


Characteristics of the ideal candidate for us:

  • Experience with backend systems and software development in object-oriented languages (C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, etc.). The main languages for the mobility payments backend will be PHP and C#.
  • We are using both relational (Oracle, Postgres and Azure SQL database) and non-relational databases (Azure Table Storage, Cassandra, ElasticSearch. Mongodb, Redis, etc.), depending on our needs. Do you know the main differences between these databases, and their general strengths and weaknesses?
  • Experience with backend architectures running on cloud platforms like Amazon or Azure.
  • You are familiar with cutting edge technologies and you are up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging new backend technologies. Moreover, you’re confident and excited about learning new technologies.
  • Good knowledge of software engineering fundamentals, including data structures, design patterns, testing and debugging skills.
  • Experience with continuous integration, delivery and unit testing is important, as our backend is based on a micro service oriented architecture.
  • Bachelor degree level or higher in ICT.

The skills that make a great senior backend developer in our team are:

  • Fluent in Dutch and/or Enlish
  • Pragmatic teamplayer and problem solver
  • Coaching skills for colleagues in senior positions.

Our offer

You will work in a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team, where you will be part of our ambitious expansion plans. As we want to keep our team healthy and promote team work, we organize the following activities:

  • Weekly group fitness at the office (not to worry, it’s optional)
  • A foosball table
  • Team events
  • We provide an interesting total remuneration package, which we will explain during the selection process.
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Do you recognize yourself in these requirements?

We are happy to hear from you! Send your motivation and CV to Elke Rottier at

If your Cv and motivation matches with our vacancy of Senior Backend Manager, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck!

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Who are we?

We are a Belgian company, with headquarters in Ghent. Be-Mobile is also a European market leader in smart mobility solutions:

  • We are developing and selling technological solutions to fight traffic jams, by using the power of connected vehicles and travelers to measure and manage the traffic flows.
  • On top we offer advanced solutions for parking guidance, electronic toll collection, multi-modal route planning and electronic fare collection.
  • By controlling mobility we are giving travelers, cities, road authorities, parking operators and logistic companies control over their mobility processes.

Founded in 2006, Be-Mobile has grown from a Belgian traffic provider under the brand name “Touring Mobilis” to an international player operating in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Since March 2016 Proximus became the majority shareholder of Be-Mobile, after the fusion of the companies Be-Mobile, Flow and Mobile-For.