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Traffic Platform

A clear perspective on traffic in real time

Be-Mobile is a pioneer in the collection and distribution of traffic information thanks to a dedicated traffic engineering team who performs ground-breaking research and development in the field of mobility. Our robust Traffic Platform produces and aggregates highly reliable traffic information. It is designed to collect, process, store and distribute a wide range of data sources: Floating Car Data, sensor data, crowd-sourced data and public data.

What is Floating Car Data?
This Be-Mobile patented technology collects anonymous localization data reporting on location, speed and direction of vehicles on the road. It is fused, filtered and validated to detect the traffic flow throughout the entire road network and gives a reliable overview of traffic conditions. We collect this data from > 15 million connected vehicles in 30 countries.

How does the Traffic Platform work?

Traffic information value chain

We provide an easy-to-use web application allowing traffic operators to enter, modify, validate and delete traffic events gathered from social media, automated data sources, traffic cameras, etc. They can keep track of the current traffic events on a map and it is also possible to add planned events such as roadworks, sporting events or protests.

After being processed by our Traffic Platform, high-quality traffic data is made available via several data feed APIs.

Traffic Flow
Optimal speed, actual speed and time delays are colour-coded and visualized via an external application on your map to spot problematic areas immediately.

Traffic Events
Journalistic and jam events are validated and consolidated in a harmonized data feed and uniform format, allowing you to show them on a map by means of a connection piece.

You can easily select, save and manage the routes that you wish to monitor. Those routes can then be analyzed and compared
thanks to travel times and time-distance (TX) diagrams updated every minute.

Identify problematic routes immediately

Diagnose the source of the bottleneck with precision


More info on our Traffic Platform? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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