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Traffic Events Editor

Traffic Events Editor

Centralize traffic events and inform travelers & visitors in real time

As traffic center or local authority it is important to supply the right event information to road users at the right time. Traffic Events Editor (TRED) allows you to enter journalistic content collected from external feeds, received by phone or viewed on cameras. This way, you can make carefully weighted decisions to inform your customers and those on the road who are directly affected by the events.

Down to the last detail

Has there been an accident, will there be a sporting event, or are the roads slippery? Identify the type of event out of more than 1500 possibilities.

Pinpoint the exact location of the event. Using kilometer markers, you can determine the starting and ending point, including the direction of the event.

Enter the precise time of the event, whether it is happening in real time or planned for next week. The platform can implement recurring events too, e.g. the weekly market.

Traffic intelligence

We also bring our traffic expertise to the platform. The delay layer allows you to monitor where traffic slows down and indicates where there might be an event. What’s more, our jam engine even helps you to validate events such as accidents. With the help of our travel times and time-distance (TX) diagrams, you can spot problematic areas immediately and start investigating if drivers need to be informed about a possible event.

More than just event management

Traffic camera

Guarantee the best quality of events thanks to live camera images.

Route planner

Establish deviation routes in case of planned roadworks.


Create and use templates for events that happen frequently.

Our Event Manager processes every manually or automatically generated event: it checks their quality, consolidates duplicates from different sources and gives priority to the most reliable source when conflicting events are generated. In fact, there is one centralized location for data input, but our platform provides for multiple output formats such as DATEX II, TPEG, TMC and WGS84/OpenLR, all accessible via an API.

Do you already have a data feed?

No problem! We can easily integrate your data in our platform and visualize the events on a digital map or use them as input to validate manually. The sleek design and user-friendliness are just a plus.

TRED in motion

Are you curious to see a successful Traffic Events Editor example from one of our customers?

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