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Tolling Platform

An advanced toll collection platform with a future-proof vision

Be-Mobile uses powerful algorithms to map each individual driver’s journey with high accuracy, crossing all country borders seamlessly. Our tolling intelligence is cloud-based and provides a centralized management tool for digital maps, taxable road networks, pricing information, private areas and specific vehicle parameters.

Be-Mobile offers several tolling solutions:

Be-Mobile’s toll collection platform can calculate flat rate or kilometre-based toll prices in any circumstances, whether the taxable network is nationwide or only covers specific areas and roads.

  • Distance-based tolling for road usage charge
  • Time- and direction-dependent tolling to manage mobility requirements
  • Innovative and intuitive management tools for zone-, route- or hybrid-based tolling
  • Advanced price calculation and route information for invoicing

Web application
Simulating the costs of any journey before driving

Mobile application
Showing the current toll costs while driving

  • Quality review of toll collection reports
  • Data analysis to uncover fraud

Be-Mobile’s GNSS and DSRC toll collection platform delivers high-tech distance-based toll calculation and comes with a future-proof vision. It offers many value-added services leveraging synergies with our traffic information and management solutions as well as fleet management and cooperative intelligent transport systems technology.

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