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Route Planning

A route planner is an indispensable tool to look for the quickest route from A to B and avoid problematic areas. At Be-Mobile, we have developed powerful algorithms that take into account the needs of modern cities by combining the modes of transport and integrating complex scenarios such as temporary roadworks, traffic information or low emission zones.

Using our technology, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are informed about the best time to leave, the transport mode to use and the ideal itinerary to follow. Has a one-way street become a two-way street? Are there new roads in your region? Our route planner integrates the latest changes in the road network.

Leverage our route optimization expertise

Continental coverage

Alternative routes

Tolling route planner

Traffic events

Build a route planner that suits the needs of your city

Our route engine calculates the ideal route including the locations where you want to stop along the way. Instead of only indicating your preferred mode of transport, you can combine all modes thanks to our intermodal route planner.

Not only can we guide drivers to their destination, our algorithms can also take into account Park & Ride locations and off-street parking buildings.

Public transport
Timetables and stops of trains, trams, buses and other GTFS data make journeys via public transport more convenient, especially when combining several modes of transport.

Cyclists can also find their way even if they don’t own a bike. For example, the location of shared bike stands can be placed on the map and in the route engine.

Traffic information
Real-time information about current speeds and delays play a key role to identify the best route.

Roadworks and detours
An easy-to-use interface allows you to enter roadworks or detours in your area and they will be integrated in the route engine.

More integrations
We can also include emission zones, taxi stands or electric charging stations. Get in touch to discuss all possible integrations!

Slim naar Antwerpen already uses our intermodal route planner

Antwerp stimulates alternative and eco-friendly mobility by giving travelers a chance to plan an itinerary based on their own route and transport preferences and enabling them to avoid the Low Emission Zone.

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