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Mobility Payment Platform

Getting paid for your services made simple

Focus on delivering the perfect mix of mobility services without having to worry about payment and revenue aspects.

The Mobility Payment Platform includes several components such as a web interface and a mobile application.

It allows you as a mobility service provider to:

  • Set up ticketing flows for specific mobility services with the correct pricing based on the service location, expiration of the ticket and the person using the service.

  • Collect revenues for all your services. You can do so over monthly cycles with payer follow-up through a collection company via: bank transfer, telecommunication bill, e-commerce, e-buttons and credit card direct debit.

The web interface is developed in such a way that you can easily configure the service pricing and select the  payment methods you wish to authorize. The mobile application will then allow users to purchase your mobility services and pay through any of the payment methods at their disposal.

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