Steering traffic and parking into the right direction

Step 1: Collect data

FLOWcontrol acquires real-time data and produces historical data from:

  • Floating Car Data (traffic conditions, emergency services, priority transport, etc.)
  • Traffic infrastructure data (road sensors, traffic lights, dynamic traffic signs, on- and off-street car parks, etc.)
  • Public transport data (train, bus, car- and bike-sharing, taxis, etc.)
  • Bicycle data (bicycle counts, bicycle parking areas, etc.)
  • Crowd-sourced data (social media, drivers, police, etc.)

Step 2: Analyze

Traffic data are filtered, aggregated and fused, providing you with the information to carry out an in-depth analysis in accordance with your traffic management needs so you can control the traffic in your city in the most efficient way.

Step 3: Control

Based on these data and with the help of traffic tools such as event alerts, public transport information, travel times, road sensors and more, the right mobility action is proposed to point road users and road infrastructure in the right direction. 

Using an automatic scenario engine, you determine when it is time to take action and what the desired result is. Accordingly, you decide on the content of the advice, when to display it on road signs and how to provide the information of your sensors. In exceptional circumstances, scenarios can also be controlled manually.

Step 4: Visualize

FLOWcontrol allows you to establish mobility advices in line with your mobility policy and visualize them for the road user on both mobile and fixed dynamic traffic signs. In its turn, this information contributes to big data.

Traffic turned to your advantage

A user-friendly and modular web interface, in the cloud or at your premises, enhancing your city with:

  • Improved traffic flow

  • Cost savings

  • Smart traffic control and signaling

  • Efficient monitoring

  • Satisfied citizens and visitors

  • Excellent city and car parks access

A secure and scalable solution for the central management
of your city’s traffic and car parks

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