Historical mobility insights

FLOWcheck is a powerful web application to analyse historical Floating Car Data up to two years back. It provides you with the means to uncover traffic bottlenecks affecting your area. How accessible is your city? Where is traffic cutting through residential areas? Where does traffic slow down and where do people drive too fast?

What is Floating Car Data?
FCD is anonymized localization data collected from devices in vehicles driving on the road, reporting information on their locations, speeds and directions.  Together, they give a reliable overview of traffic conditions.

As a FLOWcheck user, you can choose how traffic data is structured and displayed:

Segment analysis
An origin-destination analysis that provides an insight into the direction of traffic: where is it coming from and where is it going?

Route analysis
Creating graphs that measure speeds on a specific route over a specific period of time to establish the most problematic zones.

Travel times
Historical travel times give you an overview of the delays on specific routes or roads and enable you to look for quicker alternatives.

Historical maps
This component allows you to keep an eye on the historical evolution of traffic flows on all roads within a specific area of your choice.

Let mobility work to your advantage

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