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C-ITS Platform

Bring real-time and personalized
traffic information into the car


C-ITS refers to Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems using geomessaging technology to allow vehicles, traffic signals and roadside infrastructure to communicate with each other over the mobile network.

Be-Mobile’s C-ITS platform enables drivers to receive personalized traffic information instantaneously and to anticipate traffic conditions beyond the windshield. This is a revolutionary opportunity to optimize travel times for drivers, improve safety on the road network and make it possible for road authorities to reach the road users.

A world of possibilities

Maximum speed & speed advice
C-ITS displays the current speed limit and warns drivers to adapt their speed when traffic is slowing down or speeding up again.

Traffic light information
No more wondering how long it will take until the light turns green. Drivers also receive a speed advice in case the light is changing soon.

Dangerous situations
Road users receive speed advice and a warning that they are approaching roadworks, an accident, a stationary vehicle or the tail of a traffic jam allowing them to slow down in time.

Priority vehicles
An ambulance can request green light priority preventing accidents in the adjoining direction. Drivers are warned to give way to the approaching ambulance.

Lane information
Drivers always know which lanes are closed which speed applies to the different lanes even before they can see the VMS signs.

Parking space availability
Looking for a parking spot close to your destination has never been easier.
C-ITS directs drivers to the nearest car park & informs about availability, prices, etc.

On the dashboard or via smartphone applications

For car manufacturers and navigation partners


For individual drivers
on the road

Flitsmeister app

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RTL app

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Touring Mobilis app

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More info on the C-ITS Platform? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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