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Broadcast Services

In a world where mobile networks are unable to offer 100% uptime for data services, Be-Mobile offers traffic information to provide drivers and users with the most efficient way to navigate to their destinations. 

With our patented data fusion capabilities, we fuse FCD with sensor data and enrich them with community and public data. This gives you the opportunity to enhance your navigation software with our real-time traffic information.

The fastest way to reliable traffic information and routing decisions

Be-Mobile broadcasts traffic information to drivers through the following in-car navigation standard formats:

using the analogue radio waves

This service has the broadest coverage currently available and is accessible by millions of people across Europe. It’s the simplest way to deliver a complete service to on-board navigation systems and personal GPS devices through a standard and easy-to-implement technology that is available for life .

via digital radio

Delivering impressive quantities of rich information thanks to a capacity that is hundreds of times larger and faster than RDS-TMC networks, Be-Mobile’s DAB-TPEG service is quite simply the premium service that offers the best value for money – because it is available for the lifetime of your device and there are no limitations on usage.

over the internet

Undoubtedly the most flexible service Be-Mobile has to offer. It delivers traffic information with personalized content very fast, including interactive and community-focused services. Information is transmitted in TPEG or XML format.

Taking a connected step forward with C-ITS

Contrary to broadcasting information with roadside units, Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems know the receiving party and can tailor information to every individual end user. 

No unnecessary information needs to be processed by the receiver, allowing simple and low-cost processing on the client side.

There is a direct and secure connection to the source, which can be used to assess if an end user took action based on the information provided, while measuring and adjusting for the efficacy of our C-ITS solution.

More info on our Broadcast Services? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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