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Is the light green, orange or red? Data from smart traffic lights now in car

07 November 2019

Be-Mobile connects smart traffic lights with its Flitsmeister app, which means that drivers will always know if the light is green, orange or red.
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Test with smart traffic flows on the Antwerp ring road

24 October 2019

The Flemish Traffic Control Centre, BMW Group, Be-Mobile and MAPtm will be testing a new ‘smart tunnel service’ on the Antwerp ring road.
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Current maximum speed everywhere in the Netherlands with Flitsmeister

07 August 2019

As of now Flitsmeister brings actual maximum speeds directly into the car via the app in image and sound.
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Be-Mobile will enable traffic light priority for emergency services, public transport & logistics in the Netherlands

26 July 2019

Be-Mobile will connect the first smart traffic lights in Deventer with drivers so Flitsmeister users and emergency services can request priority.
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Predicting the local weather with floating car data

24 May 2019

In a new project, Be-Mobile aims to predict the weather on a very local scale using floating car data.
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New app ‘Truckmeister’ makes freight traffic smoother and safer in ports and on international roads

12 April 2019

Smart mobility company Be-Mobile and the Zeebrugge Port authority (MBZ) launch the free Truckmeister app, enabling smoother and safer freight traffic in the port and beyond.
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