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Traveler Information

Stress-free commuting

Studies have shown that 21% of travelers experience stress while commuting from home to work. What’s more, if the duration of the journey is unpredictable, this rises to 61% for car drivers and 45% for people who use public transport.

The key to reduce stress in traffic is up-to-date traffic information, making commuting as comfortable as possible for everyone on the road. Are you active in the automotive industry? Are you a mobility app developer? Or news platform? Then you are one of the traveler’s three main sources for traffic information.

Combining your intelligence with our state-of-the-art technology, unprecedented work ethic and comprehensive knowledge, we deliver the most reliable travel information. But what’s in it for you? You gain relevant insights into your business and create a competitive advantage over others thanks to our information.

That’s what Be-Mobile helps deliver. Relying on algorithms developed by our high-skilled PhDs, we collect traffic information in real-time through Floating Car Data, road sensors, crowdsourcing and other sources such as tolling booths and public transport. By filtering and blending these data in the most extensive and in-depth traffic information database, Be-Mobile helps companies such as Volvo, RTL and Flitsmeister to:

  • Gain an advantage over the competition by providing the best services
  • Inform customers and users through accurate travel and traffic information
  • Provide stress-free commuting
  • Take control over mobility by creating a big community of active travelers.

Be-Mobile provides traveler information through:

An in-car navigation solution for 100% uptime and impeccable user experience broadcast on:

  • BE-DAB-TPEG: Delivering impressive quantities of rich information, this is quite simply the premium broadcast service that offers the best value for money: BE-DAB-TPEG is available for life, with no limitations on usage.
  • BE-CONNECT: Undoubtedly Be-Mobile’s most flexible service. BE-CONNECT delivers personalized traffic flow and event data, public transport and parking information, transmitting over mobile internet connection in TPEG or XML format.
  • BE-RDS-TMC: Currently accessible by millions of people across Europe, BE-RDS-TMC is an easy-to-implement technology, providing the broadest coverage to deliver a complete traffic service to on-board and personal navigation systems.

An application development toolkit for drivers or multimodal mobility apps including:

  • Access to live and historical traffic and other mobility content
  • Mapping engines
  • Route planning

Differentiate yourself by informing your audience with accurate traffic information through different media:

  • Traffic studio for radio solution to create and present traffic bulletins such as on the VRT
  • Traffic platform for TV to bring live animated 3D traffic bulletins
  • Traffic studio for the web solution to stream live traffic
  • Traffic studio for outdoor screens solution to stream breaking news traffic bulletins and allow advertisement.

More info on travel information? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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