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Smart Tolling & Map Matching

Complex map matching for a perfect toll collection

Through data from connected vehicles, Be-Mobile gains unprecedented real-time insights in traffic flows with its floating car data, using smart algorithms to map each individual driver’s covered trajectory. This complex map matching, which covers the whole of Europe, is the perfect solution for fleet management service providers, and a guarantee for accurate toll collection.

Worldwide ETC is foreseen to grow by 47% in five years until 2018. To ensure the quality of the delivered information, Be-Mobile provides toll service providers and public authorities with its own GEO Tolling Platform.

The Be-Mobile tolling intelligence is cloud-based instead of integrated in the vehicle. This enables the possibility to update/upgrade all vehicles at once and in turn translates into more accurate tolling data. Be-Mobile procures its customers the tools to:

  • Collect the accurate tolling amount
  • Incentive road user to avoid the rush hours and improve mobility
  • Offer accurate map matching of driven routes.

Be-Mobile provides smart mobility through:

Be-Mobile offers toll service providers and public authorities with its own GEO Tolling Platform where the tolling intelligence lays is cloud-based for more accurate tolling data.

This electronic tolling platform is the basis for distance based tolling projects worldwide. Be-Mobile together with AXXES enables all Toll Service providers to operate with the European standard Smart GNSS Tolling for:

  • Km or distance based tolling
  • Time dependent tolling
  • Accurate toll invoicing
  • Complex toll maps based on toll roads or toll zones.

A solution for fleet management providers where Be-Mobile offers the possibility to:

  • Offer track and trace in real time
  • Give accurate map matching of driven routes
  • Convert longitude/latitude coordinates into addresses and vice versa
  • Offer fleet owners and dispatching centers the option to optimize their future routes taking into account forecasted traffic information
  • Offer drivers warnings about traffic events on their routes.

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Quality is prime for Be-Mobile

The algorithms used to build the connected vehicles platform are made by high skills PHD’s, based on real-time information and of course, with a high level of servicing such as Project Management & Service Management.