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Smart Parking

Because of the growing amount of cars no less than 1/3 of traffic in city centers is generated by drivers looking for a parking spot. Inner city traffic congestion increases, while available parking spaces are becoming ever so scarce because on-street parking spaces are used by commuters instead of local retail customers.

Where the construction of new parking areas continuously forces you to do major investments as a local authority, smart parking management and the incentive for multimodal mobility provide you with a more efficient solution that is ever so durable. Furthermore, it also increases city earnings and optimizes cost management.

Thanks to Be-Mobile’s smart parking and payment solutions, you can efficiently use existing parking infrastructure and ease search and pay for parking spaces. With this, you hold a simple yet innovative way to deal with your city’s mobility issues.

Customer Case:

Take a look at what our parking management tool means for Saint-Ghislain, boosting local retail by improving the rotation of parked cars. 

Watch Shop&Go Saint-Ghislain

Be-Mobile provides smart parking solutions through:

The Be-Mobile turnkey mobility management tool offers an accurate cloud-based traffic center for dynamic routing advice based on high-quality and reliable Be-Mobile data. FLOWcontrol can be set up in a matter of hours to trigger traffic optimization scenarios by informing travelers on:

  • Road events: roadworks, large public events, speed advice, the tail of a traffic jam, travel times, …
  • Alternative routes or modes of transport and incentives
  • Parking: parking timer, payment tracking, on-street and off-street parking space availability, guidance, time-to-travel, … E.g. Shop&Go is a FLOWcontrol solution based on sensors to allow a maximum parking time to ease the short-term parking in city centers.

Watch Shop&Go Kortrijk

FLOWcontrol allows traffic communication on respectively fixed and mobile infrastructures to influence the traveler with:

  • On-street with Variable Message Sign (VMS) or trailer-mounted displays
  • Intelligent parking guidance system
  • In-car via the car app store or infrastructure to vehicle (I2V)
  • Online on a website or in an app e.g. Brussels Airport app
  • Traffic centers.

Through the 4411 app or via SMS, payment and parking information is passed on to a central database. With this database you gain access to valuable and real-time parking information and statistics: Which parking areas are frequently used? What are the average parking durations?

Furthermore, through strategic use of the app in key areas, you are able to guide commuters to parking areas near favorable locations throughout the city and away from congested areas as already more than 50 Belgian cities signed for 4411.

Next to parking payment management, the user-friendly 4411 app or SMS offers you the possibility to send out park guards to specifically targeted areas and thus increase the payment percentage for parking through the electronic payment system.


More info on the private use of 4411 or 4242?



More info on smart parking? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

Nicolas Talpe
Nicolas TalpePhone +32 499 56 79 48

What’s in it for you as a local authority or park operator?

With more than 1.5 million 4411 users, Be-Mobile has the biggest Belgian user community. And because quality is key for us, we also offer a high level of servicing through Project Management & Service Management.

  • Incentivize the public to use public transportation or bicycles more often
  • Offer a better quality of life to local residents
  • Make the city center more attractive thanks to a higher vehicle rotation and limited parking time
  • Support commercial centers due to extra accessibility
  • Incentivize longer parking in parking areas near favourable locations throughout the city
  • Efficiently manage parking guards
  • Increase city earnings.