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Mobility Monitoring & Analysis

Your clear view of mobility

How accessible is your city or region? Where is traffic cutting through residential areas? Do visitors find your events easily? How many vehicles pass by your new business location? Do you want to know the answer to these questions to optimize your business results? With Be-Mobile, you can.

Traffic conditions are ever-changing. Yet as a traffic manager, shop owner or event organiser, it is hugely important that you understand the dynamics of road traffic, as they directly affect your operations and business. In-depth analysis based on accurate data helps you to anticipate traffic issues and enables you to intervene where necessary. In short, it makes you more effective.

Customer cases
The Center for Information on the Media asked Be-Mobile to investigate the reach of publicity panels of the Out-Of-Home communication study.

Press release: Belgian billboard sector uses Be-Mobile data

The Be-Mobile Big Data platform provides you with the most complete and comprehensive traffic flow overview for historical analysis. It collects and collates data in more than 20 European countries from over

million connected vehicles

which is filtered, edited, aggregated and can be fused with many other data sources and stored to form an unprecedented traffic intelligence.

Be-Mobile Floating Car Data

Rely on Be-Mobile to:

  • Have a professional view on the most accurate traffic situation
  • Increase the number of monitored roads
  • Reduce operational costs.

Be-Mobile provides mobility monitoring & analysis through

FLOWcheck is a user-friendly and compact web tool which enables you to carry out quick yet detailed analyses of traffic flows on the basis of historical Floating Car Data (FCD) from Be-Mobile.

FLOWcheck brochure

FLOWcheck offers 4 views on traffic data for 4 different understandings:

  • Segment analysis
  • Route analysis
  • Travel times
  • Historical maps

FLOWcheck allows you to analyse traffic conditions over the past 24 months. Based on historic traffic conditions it gives you the insights you need to adapt traffic flows or to tailor your operations to traffic conditions.

Don’t decide on the basis of theoretic traffic modeling, but base your decision on what really happens on the road, thanks to the unique added value offered by Floating Car Data. Be-Mobile provides this data from over 15,000,000 vehicles for a maximum of 24 months. The data is turned into useful information by our engineers and robust algorithms. With a view generating the most accurate results possible, our Floating Car Data is based on road segments of a maximum 50 meters with accuracy to 5 meters.

The FLOWcheck web interface is exceptionally user-friendly. Moreover, the Be-Mobile training program and Customer Service assist you in gaining all possible insights from FLOWcheck.

Customer Case:

The Vlaamse Rand and its municipalities get a view on the rat runs in the Flemish area around Brussels with the Be-Mobile FLOWcheck web tool.

Press release: The Flemish Mobility department uses Be-Mobile data

Be-Mobile also offers analytics on demand. If you have a specific mobility analytics request which is not listed above, feel free to contact us.

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Quality is prime for Be-Mobile

The algorithms used to offer the traffic management from connected vehicles sensors are made by our highly skilled PhDs, based on in-depth local information and of course, with a high level of servicing such as Project Management & Service Management.