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Mobility as a Service

How to drive your city forward if it isn’t accessible?

In Belgium, a car driver loses an average of

hours a year

while being stuck in traffic, often in typical zones such as the suburbs. When everyone needs to be in the city, it becomes clear that accessibility continues to be a difficult issue to tackle, while multimodal transport provides cities such as yours with an easy solution. This is not without a challenge, however, because your residents and visitors will need up-to-date information on the smart alternatives in your city that will lead them to their destinations.

In addition, you can learn from your travelers’ behaviour. Through FLOWme, the Mobility as a Service solution, you can take control as a public authority and incentivize the people for a mobility action of your city’s choosing to benefit your accessibility and optimize traffic flows.

Rely on Be-Mobile to:

  • Keep control over your city accessibility
  • Manage traffic and advise the traveler
  • Optimize the usage of the existing mobility infrastructure
  • Promote mobility alternatives.

Customer Case:

FLOWme uses real-time, historical and in-depth traffic information, enabling you to provide smart accessibility in and around the city. The city of Antwerp, for example, benefits from FLOWme in the shape of

Watch Slim naar Antwerpen case

Be-Mobile provides mobility as a service solutions through:

FLOWme is a Smart City solution that allows you to customize traveler advice by combining multiple mobility services through:

  • Making data provisions and producing local data
  • Optimizing and building mobility services from a Be-Mobile solutions mix based on this data
  • Providing travelers with a relevant multimodal or intermodal urban route planner and a real-time traffic information smart map
  • Ensuring your mobility advice is accessible for travelers via e.g. a website or app, on-street and in-car
  • Using marketing and services such as payment means to ensure the usage of the mobility service.

The FLOWme services mix works based on real-time and historical floating car data, traffic data, sensors, on- and off-street parking data, shared bicycle infrastructure, public transport information and specific instructions and data provided by local governments.

More info on Mobility as a Service? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

Nicolas Talpe
Nicolas TalpePhone +32 499 56 79 48

What’s in it for you as a local authority?

With more than 1.5 million 4411 users, Be-Mobile has the biggest Belgian user community. Because quality is key for us, we also offer a high level of servicing through Project Management & Service Management.

  • Incentivize the public to use public transportation or bicycles more often
  • Offer a better quality of life to local residents
  • Make the city center more attractive thanks to a higher vehicle rotation and limited parking time
  • Support commercial centers due to extra accessibility
  • Incentivize longer parking in parking areas near favourable locations throughout the city
  • Efficiently manage parking guards
  • Increase city earnings.

Quality is prime for Be-Mobile

The algorithms used to offer the traffic management from connected vehicles sensors are made by our highly skilled PhDs, based on in-depth local information and of course, with a high level of servicing such as Project Management & Service Management.