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Connected Vehicle Platform

Bridging the gap between traffic management and connected vehicles

Through the power of connected cars and its C-ITS Platform, Be-Mobile builds a bridge between traffic management and connected vehicles, enabling road operators to gain control over mobility and inform people in cars about safety risks around them.

No less than one third of car drivers doesn’t notice emergency vehicles in time.

Through data from vehicles on the road and smartphone apps, or Floating Car Data, Be-Mobile gains unprecedented real-time insights in traffic flows. Using smart algorithms to calculate what traffic advice is most suited for each individual driver, traffic flows are improved with 5% to 24%.

Be-Mobile provides its customers with the tools to:

  • Keep drivers safe
  • Optimize traffic flows
  • Ensure sustainable mobility

The Be-Mobile C-ITS platform is used for C-ITS in the Netherlands within the Talking Traffic Partnership and for C-ITS for Trucks in Belgium within the CITRUS consortium.

Watch CITRUS for Colruyt

Be-Mobile provides smart mobility through:

The C-ITS platform enables connected vehicles (V) to communicate with each other and the road infrastructure (I) via the mobile network, optimizing road management without increasing the costs. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management trusted Be-Mobile to be part of the Partnership Talking Traffic to implement C-ITS in the Netherlands. A Cooperative – Intelligent Transport System allows communication with road nodes disseminating information to all other nodes in a specific geographical area:

  • I2V: personalized and location-based traffic control messages into the dashboard or via the app on smartphones
  • V2I: connected cars inform traffic lights and VMS signs
  • V2V: connected cars warn each other

There are multiple use cases such as:

  • Emergency & priority vehicles approaching
  • Traffic jam ahead warning
  • Roadworks warning
  • In-vehicle real-time & recommended speed limit
  • Green light optimal speed advisory
  • In-car parking info
  • In-car road & weather conditions.
Watch In-vehicle speed limit

More info on the connected vehicle platform? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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Quality is prime for Be-Mobile

The algorithms used to build the connected vehicles platform are made by highly skilled PhDs, based on real-time information and of course, with a high level of servicing such as Project Management & Service Management.