Be-Mobile selected for “reverse tolling” in the Netherlands

IMMA, short for Integrated Mobility Management Architecture, is part of the Dutch ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) agenda of the program “Better Benutten 2” issued by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

IMMA is a facilitating project and supports up to 70 mobility demand influencing projects in the program Better Benutten. IMMA is, in short, a further professionalization of the relationship between government, market and users.

Be-Mobile, together with DAT.Mobility, Mobidot, Flitsmeister and Campaign, forms the ultimate consortium to successfully address and commercialize IMMA-related behavior change projects.

For each client this consortium is a solid partner that relieves. They combine in this experience, innovation and inspiration. Numerous successful mobility and accessibility projects adorn our track record. Sustainability is naturally trapped in the genes of the consortium and is the driving force in addressing demand influencing projects.

Be-Mobile and the consortium believe in the power and value of multimodal city concepts, tailored to each working group. The various travel services in the portfolio, as Flitsmeister may be able to be supportive.

The consortium of Be-Mobile is IMMA qualified for the components Baseline, Yards, Tracking and Reward in both the Basic and the Plus package.

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About Be-Mobile

We are a Belgian company, with headquarters in Ghent. Be-Mobile is also a European market leader in smart mobility solutions:

  • We develop and sell technological solutions to fight traffic jams, by using the power of connected vehicles and travelers to measure and manage the traffic flows.
  • On top of that we offer advanced solutions for parking guidance, electronic toll collection, multimodal route planning and electronic fare collection.
  • By controlling mobility we are giving travelers, cities, road authorities, parking operators and logistics companies control over their mobility processes.

Founded in 2006, Be-Mobile has grown from a Belgian traffic provider under the brand name “Touring Mobilis” to an international player operating in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Since March 2016 Proximus became the majority shareholder of Be-Mobile, after the fusion of the companies Be-Mobile, Flow and Mobile-For.