Be-Mobile launches electronic ticket for De Lijn

With the m-ticket, an electronic ticket, Be-Mobile wants to make cash-free purchases of public transport tickets easier. This is a first for the Belgian public transport sector.

With the app, Be-Mobile, who is specialized in Mobility-as-a-Service applications, enables people to pay for different means of transport without any worries. Besides bus or tram journeys, you can also pay for a parking space and for charging an electric car. In the long run the app will also become an attractive proposition for companies wanting to offer their employees a mobility budget instead of a company car.

Users of the 4411 app can pay via their telecom bill, by credit card or bank transfer. The 4411 app generates only for parking one million SMS and parking tickets per month.

The 4411 m-ticket is protected against fraud in various ways. Since the m-ticket’s colors change continuously during its validity period, it is impossible to use a screenshot as a ticket.

The success of De Lijn’s SMS ticket is due to its ease of use and lower price compared with tickets purchased from the driver. Since the introduction of the SMS ticket, sales of individual tickets sold by bus drivers has more than halved. This has a positive impact on punctuality.

Next to a large press coverage, Roger Kesteloot (CEO, De Lijn) and Stéphane Jacobs (Director Business Unit Mobility Payment, Be-Mobile) have been interviewed by RTV

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About Be-Mobile

We are a Belgian company, with headquarters in Ghent. Be-Mobile is also a European market leader in smart mobility solutions:

  • We develop and sell technological solutions to fight traffic jams, by using the power of connected vehicles and travelers to measure and manage the traffic flows.
  • On top we offer advanced solutions for parking guidance, electronic toll collection, multimodal route planning and electronic fare collection.
  • By controlling mobility we are giving travelers, cities, road authorities, parking operators and logistics companies control over their mobility processes.

Founded in 2006, Be-Mobile has grown from a Belgian traffic provider under the brand name “Touring Mobilis” to an international player operating in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Since March 2016 Proximus became the majority shareholder of Be-Mobile, after the fusion of the companies Be-Mobile, Flow and Mobile-For.