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World leader in smart mobility

Be-Mobile is a world leader in smart mobility, enabling public authorities, road operators, car manufacturers and private companies to lead the way for travelers towards seamless travelling. On the road towards efficient and multimodal mobility, Be-Mobile shifts up a gear by providing a wide array of smart mobility solutions through its integrated mobility platform.

Our goal? Support you to help travelers reach their destination as stress-free, safely and comfortably as possible and to optimize your business results.

Be-Mobile is an international smart mobility service provider. Together with the mobility payments brand 4411, the company forms a complementary smart mobility group. In 2016 Be-Mobile acquired Flitsmeister, the Dutch most popular traveler app with nearly 1.7 million users. In March 2016, Proximus, the biggest Belgian telecom & ICT operator, came on board as majority shareholder. Be-Mobile also acquired Mediamobile in November 2018, reinforcing its traffic expertise and position in Europe.

In Be-Mobile’s driver’s seat is Jan Cools.

Company data

Be-Mobile NV/SA

K. Mercierlaan 1a
B-9090 Melle

VAT BE0881 959 533
IBAN BE09 0682 4587 8657
RPR Ghent

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