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Traffic Management

Solving traffic starts by managing it

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Tolling Platform

Meticulous toll collection with GNSS technology

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Logistics Platform

Give everyone in the logistics chain a voice

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Traveler Information

Send drivers down the right path

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Mobility Payments

Everything digitizes, even how we pay for mobility

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Highway operators

Tailor traffic hardware to your roads and give safe driving conditions a push in the right direction.

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Smart cities

Leverage the power of innovative technologies to run your city efficiently and improve the living conditions of the ever-growing population.

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Parking operators

Is operational excellence your priority number one? Offer yourself and drivers a seamless parking & payment experience with web and mobile apps.

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Transport & logistics

Looking for more than moving your assets from A to B? We add value to your logistics chain, from A to Z. Increase efficiency of transport operations: do more with less.

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World-leading OEMs and navigation software providers choose the path of differentiation with our real-time traffic information and value-added services.

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MaaS & multimodal

Mobility is more than freight or passenger vehicles. Public transport, bicycles, e-bikes, motor bikes and walking are co-shaping the new mobility.

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The ultimate goal of enabling collective mobility goals is to advance your mobility as an individual traveler.

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The brains behind LEADING TRAFFIC APPS


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Touring Mobilis

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Beringen PR foto

New parking guidance system for city of Beringen

23 January 2023
Recently, the city of Beringen began using its brand-new parking guidance system. The system ensures less search traffic in the city and smoother communication to travelers.
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Private Expert 11 2022 NL

"The self-driving car is not happening in the near future"

22 December 2022
The connected car is gradually becoming a reality. It has cameras and sensors, and receives input from other cars, from traffic infrastructure and from external sources.
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Vgs gent live web

New traffic control system Ghent ready for Ghent Winter Festivities

13 December 2022
The new dynamic traffic control system is operational in Ghent. The system combines parking and traffic guidance in one and gives visitors information in real time.
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