Traffic Data

Traffic data runs through our veins

The Big Data platform is Be-Mobile’s beating heart and traffic data the blood that runs through it. Be-Mobile traffic experts filter, edit, aggregate, store and fuse all data streams together into one traffic cloud. This creates an unprecedented traffic intelligence and makes Be-Mobile the most versatile and in-depth mobility data aggregator.

The central traffic data warehouse connects the different sources of traffic through smart algorithms and numerous applications:

Step 1

For data uploading and processing, the different pieces of data are merged and inconsistencies between sources are automatically eliminated to produce flow and event data. The data is collected from drivers, connected cars, road infrastructure, on- and off-street parking, public transport companies, tolling systems, bike measurement sensors … To increase usability, traffic operators can enter, modify, and delete traffic events.

Step 2

All data is stored in the database and made accessible in different time formats: real-time, historical and predictive.

Step 3

Many traffic applications are connected to the Be-Mobile data streams and can be selected in different formats.

More info on why the Be-Mobile Big Data platform provides the most versatile and in-depth traffic data? Contact your Be-Mobile expert:

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