Geo-Tolling & Fleet Platform

Why settle for versatility or precision if you can have both?

The Be-Mobile Geo-Tolling & Fleet Platform combines high precision map matching with routing algorithms and detailed trip analysis to serve as a versatile basis for distance-based tolling projects worldwide.

The Be-Mobile Geo-Tolling & Fleet Platform enables:

  • Precise map matching of millions of vehicles with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) enabled on their on board units

  • Live and historical route visualization to calculate an exact location, time and distance driven

  • Advanced routing of tracked vehicles to handle parallel roads, tunnels and private area’s

  • Toll zone editing for flexible zone management

  • Precise trip analysis for accurate distance and time based tolling

  • Big data storage and data exhaustivity

  • Toll route planning for simulation and optimization

  • Detailed trip reporting: route, distance, travel times, delays and stops.

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