Floating Car Data

The traffic revolution starts now

Floating Car Data (FCD) is anonymous traffic data distilled from GPS data from millions of smartphones, tracking systems, anti-theft systems, etc. These so-called probes transmit every minute a signal with their ID, x/y coordinates and a time stamp. Using proprietary Be-Mobile technology, this rough positional data is then filtered, validated and correlated to create a reliable overview of traffic flows.

FCD provides a sound overview of driving speeds on the road network and can then deduce information about queues and journey times. The fact that FCD does not need sensors on-site means it can be provided quickly and at a reasonable price.

Be-Mobile has been gathering FCD for several years, offering the traffic professional a unique rearview on the traffic evolution over at least two years.

To add granularity to the data, Be-Mobile has developed a unique map where the complete road network is segmented into road sections of max. 50m.

How does the FCD platform works?

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